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The VITALink® family of cables are a range of ‘fit for purpose’ fire resistant wiring systems that are manufactured, tested, certified and listed to the Underwriters Laboratories UL 2196 fire performance standard which is the specified performance requirement for fire resistive cable systems in NFPA 130 (Fixed Guideway Transit and Passenger Rail Systems) NFPA 502 (Road Tunnels, Bridges, And Other Limited Access Highways) and NFPA 72 (National Fire Alarm and Signalling Code). 
NFPA 130, NFPA 502 and NFPA 72 performance standards are often adopted for international building and infrastructure projects, however the UL 2196 wiring systems required in these standards are sometimes substituted with local cable fire resistance standards like BS 6387 CWZ or IEC 60331. Because these British and IEC standards have significantly less robust test requirements, conducted at lower temperatures without realistic firefighting interventions, this substitution can reduce the overall fire safety of the whole project. The fire survival time of the UL 2196 wiring system is an integral part of the NFPA standards and substituting for inferior cables may be significantly reduce safety.
VITALink® MC-metric cables are all certified and listed to UL 2196 but also tested to meet BS 6387 CWZ as this can also be a legal requirement in some jurisdictions. 
VITALink® cable systems are now available worldwide in both metric and AWG conductors. VITALink® cables are available in 5 family groups covering power, control, ethernet, signal and coax designs. 
Click below for details on our range of UL 2196 VITALInk® wiring system solutions:

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