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    RSCC has an ongoing leadership position producing custom cables requiring superior performance in harsh environments for mining, pulp and paper, airport ground control, and other industrial applications. Our Rock-Tuff® products are designed to meet critical industry specifications such as ICEA S-73-532 and UL 1277. Rock-Flex® cables are MSHA approved, RoHS compliant, pass the IEEE 1202/FT4 flame test, and meet performance standards like CSA C22.2 No. 239 Type CIC. 

    Rock-Tuff® industrial cables provide durable, high quality solutions that function in a variety of applications and conditions. Each Rock-Tuff® product is engineered to have excellent mechanical properties that are well suited to the demands of your operation. These cables are designed to operate at a high standard for as long as you require them to.

    Instrumentation, Control, and Power Cables - For use in trays, ducts, conduits, or in direct burial applications.

    • Heavy duty, neoprene jackets protect against water exposure, oil, sunlight, inclement weather, and flame
    • Easy to strip for fast installation
    • Fulfills a variety of power and lighting functions
    • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) cables are available for use in applications utilizing high speed AC drives

    ZH and ZHF cables - High performance, zero halogen industrial cables. These low smoke zero halogen designs focus on safety while maintaining industry-demanding standards. Designs available for high flex applications. 

    • Flame retardant, low smoke zero halogen crosslinked polyolefin (XLPO) insulation
    • Resistant to long term water exposure
    • Tin-coated copper conductors improve terminations and corrosion resistance
    • Tough thermoset construction for use in difficult applications
    • Reduced size and weight due to proprietary compounds

    Rock-Flex® services a range of industrial applications requiring highly flexible cables. The superior design features of Rock-Flex® cables allow them to perform in rigorous operations without sacrificing on quality or durability. Rock-Flex® provides dependable high flex solutions that can withstand an array of potential hazards.

    Control, Power, and Variable Frequency Drive Cables (VFD) - For use in applications requiring flexibility, high-grade mechanical properties, and longevity. VFD cables combat system performance issues and signal disruption in AC motors and drives.

    • Power cable available for locomotive and diesel applications
    • Engineered to have a prolonged flex life
    • Insulation and jacketing provide resistance to harsh environments
    • VFD cables handle high power levels of pulse-width modulated signals and high voltage spikes

    COP Cables - Low smoke zero halogen cables designed for power applications in central offices, outside plants, remote terminals, customer premises, building entrance terminals, cell towers, and data centers.

    • For use in 600/1000V AC or DC applications
    • Designed for conduit, duct, raceway, aerial, or direct burial installation 
    • Mechanical properties include abrasion, notch propagation, cut through, and heat deformation
    • Flame retardant and resistant to water and corrosion damage

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