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With over 50 years of experience, RSCC Nuclear Cables is recognized internationally as the premier cable designer and manufacturer. RSCC cables have been installed in over 130 nuclear plants throughout the world. Our engineers and research and development teams are designing products to meet 60 year cable life expectancy, increased radiation resistance, as well as developing cable designs for Fiber, Data, Coax, and Specialty Cables.

RSCC is committed to meeting industry and regulatory standards designed to be compliant with 10CFR50 Appendix B, NQA-1-2013, 10CFR21, IEEE 383, and IEEE 323.

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Firewall® III - For use in power, control, instrumentation, and thermocouple functions in trays, ducts, conduits, direct burial, and other low voltage applications. These cables feature radiation resistant designs that meet post-accident safety requirements for maintaining electrical integrity.

  • 600 Volt, 90C
  • 60 year life rated (FR-XLPE / CSPE)
  • Class 1E, LOCA qualified
  • Single and multi-conductor configurations
  • Customized options - shield, armor & jacket
  • Conductor size - 20 AWG - 750 kcmil

Firewall® SR - Designed for cables operating under elevated temperature under normal operation conditions (heater bays, pressurize heaters, motor leads, isolated hot spots, etc.). It may be installed in trays, ducts, and conduits to perform a variety of low voltage functions.

  • 125°C  Silicone rubber insulation system
  • 600 Volt, 90C
  • 60 year life rated (FR-XLPE / CSPE)
  • Class 1E, LOCA qualified
  • Single and multi-conductor configurations
  • Customized options - shield, armor & jacket
  • Conductor size - 18 AWG - 750 kcmil

PermaLife® Medium Voltage Cables - For use in nuclear applications requiring flexible discharge resistant medium voltage cables that are easy to handle and install. 

  • 100% production tested in accordance with ICEA S-97-682
  • Greater than 2x reduction in electrical stress magnification caused by surface irregularities compared to semicon shields
  • 66% improvement in average AC breakdown strength over semicon
  • Discharge resistant insulation system formulated to prevent the degradation that occurs as a result of partial discharge per ASTM D2275
  • Only medium voltage cable with zero reported failures of the insulation system

Firezone® MC1 & 3HR cables - Fire resistant low smoke zero halogen cables designed specifically for the nuclear industry. Firezone® MC1 helps maintain the critical electrical link between essential equipment during a 1 hour ASTM E-119 fire event. Firezone® 3HR performs this vital function for a 3 hour fire event. These cables can be used for power or control circuits.

  • Withstands 2000 F flame for 60+ minutes as a critical cable for circuits to perform under catastrophic fire conditions
  • Firezone® MC1 meets UL 2196 Fire Resistive Cable Standard requirements as a 1 hour "Electrical Circuit Integrity System". Firezone® 3HR meets this standard for a 3 hour period of time 
  • For NFPA 805 and Appendix R applications
  • Firezone® MC1: 60 year life at 90°C continuous conductor temperature. Firezone® 3HR: 40 year life at 90°C continuous conductor temperature


                                                  Firewall® Coax: LOCA Qualified Coaxial Cables          Thin Wall Panel Wiring
                                                 Class 1E Squib Valve Cable                                            Reactor Head Cables and Cable Assemblies
                                                 Cat 3 Cable                                                                        Class 1E Instrumentation Cable
                                                 Cat 6 Shielded Cable                                                        Firewall SIS
                                                 Class 1E Coax cable                                                         Medium Voltage
                                                 Pressurizer Heater Cable                                                 Micatemp PHC
                                                 Igniter Cable                                                                       Fiber Optic


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