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The RSCC Exane® name is synonymous in the upstream oil and gas market for its quality, reliability, and longevity in the field. In 1974, RSCC innovated the design of the present day IEEE "Type P cable", introducing the Exane® product line as a high performance solution for cables installed in extreme conditions on drilling rigs. At the time, the IEEE-45 specifications were written almost solely around the Exane® design.

These Exane® products fully comply with the following industry listings and certifications: UL/CSA, ABS, DNV, Lloyds Registry, and GOST-R.

The Exane® product line also meets industry approvals of NEC, Code of Federal Regulations, U.S. and Canadian Coast Guard, IEEE, API, IEC, and NEK606 for cable construction, testing, and installation in both hazardous and non-hazardous areas.

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Exane® MR - For use in power, control, and instrumentation applications in marine and oil rig environments that require rugged cables able to withstand exposure to drilling fluids and muds.

  • Cross-linked insulation provides superior physical properties, resistance to abrasion, cut-through, extreme temperatures, sunlight, & moisture
  • Excellent design properties make these cables easy to install and easy to strip
  • Flexible Tin-coated conductors provide improved terminations and corrosion resistance
  • Extremely flexible design and tightly controlled dimensions lead to lower weight, tray fill, ease of installation, and long service life in drag chains

Exane® 125 Type P - Ideal for use as power cables in demanding oil rig and marine applications. The Exane® 125 Type P cable is constructed to be extremely tough and durable, so that it can withstand the strenuous environmental conditions often present in offshore mobile drilling units (MODU), FPSO's, TLP's, and land rigs for oil and gas drilling rigs.

  • Single and multiconductor options available (Up to 91 conductors)
  • Irradiation crosslinked polyolefin insulation
  • High energy irradiation process. Produces thermoset insulation able to withstand thermal overloads
  • Excellent resistance to moisture, oil, chemicals, abrasion, crush, high temperature cut thru, and oilfield drilling muds
  • Easy to handle during installation

Exane® VFD - Designed for use in applications that utilize high speed (IGBT) AC drives. These high performance cables are rated 1KV, 2KV, and 2KVHD.

  • Flexible and employ an optimized tinned copper braid shield with an Aluminum/Polyester laminated tape to provide exceptional shielding characteristics
  • Radiation cross-linked insulation provides outstanding physical properties
  • Passes minus 55°C cold bend & minus 40°C cold impact
  • Armored & unarmored cables pass the UL 2225 crush & impact test requirements for Type MC-HL

Exane® ZH - For use in offshore mobile drilling units and oil and gas drilling rigs that require cables with durable low smoke zero halogen material able to withstand the difficult conditions often found in these environments.

  • Irradiation cross-linked, LSZH insulation
  • Better physical & wet electrical properties than halogen free IEC cables
  • ITS (ETL) listed to IEEE 1580 as Type LSX, a low-smoke, zero halogen cable that also meets the IEC HF requirements
  • Heat, sunlight, & moisture resistant

VITALink® 2000 Instrumentation Cables & Control/Power Cables - Ideal for use in applications in the petroleum industry for MOVs, communication systems, fire pumps, and other critical functions where superior fire endurance capabilities are essential. 

  • Fire rated circuit integrity cable
  • Low smoke, zero halogen design
  • Moisture resistance makes these suitable for wet locations
  • UL listed, NEC Type TC in accordance with UL Standard No. 1277

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