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For over 30 years, Exane® transit products have offered dependable performance in the Locomotive and Transit Car markets. Exane® cables can be found on nearly every rolling stock vehicle in North America and many more around the world. The Exane® product portfolio features world class cables with proprietary insulation materials and irradiated jacketing compounds providing reliable performance in the most demanding applications in the harshest environments around the world.

Because safety counts, Exane® rolling stock products are tested in accordance with all applicable standards, and fully comply with the following: AAR S-501/RP-585, NYCTA - TX, UL VW-1, NFPA 130, BSS 7239, SMP 800-C, ASTM E662, and other international, national, and local standards

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Exane® Transit WireFor use in transportation industry applications that require durable flame retardant wire that is resistant to various external hazards.

  • Reduced diameter transit wire available for applications requiring high density cabling and harnessing
  • Superior resistance to cut-through, crush, and scrape abrasion when compared with rubber, EPR, Neoprene, and Hypalon
  • Ideal for applications where resistance to flame and low levels of toxic fumes is required
  • Low smoke zero halogen options available

Exane® Locomotive Wire For use in demanding diesel electric locomotive applications. The insulation and material is resistant to many hazards common to the industry including abrasion, extreme temperatures, flame, and certain chemicals.

  • Locomotive options include Exane® – 1069A Diesel Cable & Exane® – 1093A single conductor 600 and 2000 volt cable
  • Able to withstand a wide range of temperatures ( -55oC to 125oC)
  • Excellent resistance to flame, fluid, oil, moisture, and sunlight
  • Higher flexibility and better overload attributes than fluoropolymers

Exane® Train Car Applications - For use in operations on train cars, LRV, and people mover applications.

  • Train car application cables are NFPA 130 compliant
  • Compliant with train car specifications including ICEA S-19-81, ASTM E662, BSS 7239, and parts of RP-585
  • Wide operating temperature ( -40oC to 90oC)
  • Thermoset material offers improved resistance to fire, moisture, and abrasion

Exane® Premises Cable For use in power, control, and instrumentation circuits installed in transit systems and tunnels. The small light construction of the Exane PC makes it ideal for installation in metal trays, conduits, ducts, or direct burial applications.

  • Exane® PC Multi-Core Premises Cable available and is designed for use in transit systems, tunnels, and premises infrastructure
  • Elevated durability due to superior mechanical toughness, flame retardance, and wet electrical properties
  • Exane® Premises Cables are low smoke zero halogen
  • Compliant with NFPA 130 & NFPA 502 fire safety standards

Exane® ZH RHW-2 and ZH XHHW-2 Power CablesFor use in low voltage power and lighting functions. These cables may be installed in trays, ducts, and conduits.

  • Constructed with a tough thermoset insulation that allows it for use in difficult applications without the need for additional jacketing protection
  • Reduced size and weight of cables allows for increased raceway capacity
  • Superior resistance to flame, water, and corrosion
  • Low smoke zero halogen and compliant with NFPA 130 & 502

Exane® Transit & Exane®-15 Multi-Conductor CablesFor use in indoor and outdoor installations that require durable and flexible multi-conductor cables.

  • Exane®-15 cable is well suited for use in equipment located in the confined spaces of transit vehicles
  • Wide temperature range for both products ( -55oC to 110oC for Exane® Transit, -55oC to 125oC for Exane®-15 insulated conductor)
  • Shielded and Unshielded option available for multi-conductor cable
  • Resistant to moisture, sunlight, fluid, oil, and flame

Exane® CircuitSAFE Emergency Circuit CableFor use in power, control, and instrumentation circuits that require cables to maintain integrity and operate under fire conditions. These cables have a small and lightweight construction which makes them easy to install in a variety of applications.

  • Excellent resistance to fire and moisture from thermoset insulation
  • May be installed in metal trays, conduits, ducts, or direct burial applications in wet or dry locations
  • Possesses a wide temperature range (-25oC to 90oC)
  • 450/750V voltage rating

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