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RSCC provides an extensive range of high performing cables that deliver in the most demanding applications found in the transit infrastructure environment. With industry recognized brands like VITALink®, Firewall®, and HUB-Link®, RSCC offers products that support circuits in tunnels, stations, ventilation systems, and other critical applications to keep passengers safe and transit systems functioning. 

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300 volt solutions are provided by our sister facility, Comtran.

VITALink® MC Transit Power CableFor use in applications requiring electrical and fire resistive cables in emergency communications, lighting, and ventilation systems.

  • Compliant with the UL 2196 standard for fire-resistance up to 2 hours
  • Impact and crush resistant for hazardous locations
  • MC cables provide lower cost and easier installation compared with other fire rated circuits
  • Low smoke zero halogen and low toxicity design

VITALink® 300 Power CableFor use in emergency applications that require durable high performing cables for emergency lighting, communications, and ventilation systems.

  • Designed to exceed NFPA 130 requirements for fire resistive cables
  • Low smoke zero halogen inner and outer layers
  • Resistant to moisture, sunlight, gasoline, and oil
  • Fire resistive for 1 hour at 480V

Firewall® Signal CableFor use in applications in transit systems and tunnels that perform signaling and train control functions.

  • NFPA 130 compliant Aerial AREMA design available
  • Low smoke zero halogen jacketing
  • Resistant to heat, oil, chemicals, moisture, and abrasion
  • Reduced diameter and weight for easy installation

Firewall® Power & Lighting CableFor use in demanding applications that require low voltage power and lighting functions. These cables may be installed in trays, ducts, and conduits.

  • Low smoke zero halogen design
  • Insulation specially formulated for excellent long-term water resistance
  • RHW-2 and RW90 designs compliant with UL and CSA requirements available as options that provide increased mechanical toughness
  • Reduced size and weight for increased raceway capacity

Firewall® Low Smoke Zero Halogen Armored and Type TC Power CablesFor use in rugged transit system applications where cables are exposed to moisture and other potentially hazardous elements. These cables are designed to perform a variety of functions including control and related functions.

  • Type TC power cable provides enhanced resistance to fire and moisture
  • May be installed in wet & dry locations, indoors & outdoors, in metal trays, conduits, ducts, or in direct burial applications
  • LSZH Armored power cable is flexible and has impenetrable armor that prevents water, gas, and corrosive elements from getting into the electrical core
  • Armored power cable is ideal for applications where resistance to mechanical and physical abuse is required

Firewall® Low Smoke Zero Halogen Type TC Control CableFor use in control and other related functions in a variety of wet and dry locations often found in transit systems.

  • Provides greater resistance to fire and moisture
  • Tin-coated copper conductors provide improved terminations and corrosion resistance
  • Thermoset insulation provides enhanced thermal stability
  • Available as 600V and 2,000V options

Firewall® Low Smoke Zero Halogen Instrumentation CableFor use in control related functions in transit systems. These cables have excellent mechanical properties that allow them to be installed in an array of wet and dry locations.

  • Quality mechanical components allow for long term water resistance and enhanced flame retardancy
  • Type TC instrumentation cable available
  • Instrumentation cable options available include multi-conductor unshielded, multi-shielded pairs without overall shield, and multi-conductor shielded
  • Multi-conductor shielded cable is designed for use on circuits that require shielding from external electrostatic interference

HUB-Link® Communications Cables - For use in emergency telephones & public address systems, PoE and POS applications, backbone systems, loudspeakers, camera power circuits, video and data transfer, electronic signage, and fare collection systems.

  • Sunlight Resistant
  • Rodent, petrochemical, and moisture resistant
  • For use in wet locations
  • NFPA 130 & 502 compliant

HUB-Link® signal cables - For use in transit control rooms & operational control centers, wayside, tower, case, and trackside signal equipment. 

  • Cable assembly: single conductor, multiconductor, or pairs
  • Shield available upon request
  • LSZH Polyolefin jacket
  • NEMA HP100.2, high temperature instrument and control cable insulated and jacket with ETFE fluoropolymers

HUB-Link® case wire cables - For use in bungalow electronics equipment, trackside applications, and relay & signal apparatus wiring.

  • Crosslinked polyolefin insulation 
  • Crosslinked modified fluoropolymer jacket
  • Temperature rating 125°C, Low temperature rating -55°C
  • AREMA MP 10.03.15 recommended design criteria for insulated signal wire/case wire 

HUB-Link® NFPA 130 compliant patch cords - For use connecting critical equipment in the transit environment.

  • Pre-assembled patch cords eliminate field assembly, which saves time and labor and reduces scrap.
  • Pre-tested prior to shipment, reducing time and labor during installation. Test results available upon request.
  • Meets NFPA 130 providing a safe and quality product.
  • Custom configurations to meet specific project needs.
  • Value added service in addition to bulk cable needs.

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