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Does NEK606 meet the IEEE 1580 requirements as US Marine Shipboard cable?

Posted by Damian Billeaudeau on Oct 13, 2016 11:42:35 AM

Oil_Gas_web.pngWhat cables meet US requirements for offshore rig installations in a hazardous area environment?  Although it makes economic sense to standardize on one cable type, specifying engineers need to be cautious when trying to standardize as some applications which meet IEC standards do not in fact meet the requirements of the US API RP-14F standard or even meet the minimal cable construction requirements of IEEE Std.1580 as Marine Shipboard Cable.

In other words, standardizing may work in some cases but not all.  One can't standardize on, lets say NEK TS 606, as it’s insufficient for an application requiring Marine Shipboard listings under IEEE Std. 45/1580 for the Gulf of Mexico.   Simply put, specifying engineers who are having to choose either a US or European cable spec need to have clear understanding when specifying for offshore drilling or petroleum facilities working in the Americas.  More so important for Classified Hazardous Area Locations!

The solution is to select a reputable cable manufacturer with a pedigree of listings conforming to both international and domestic (NAM) standards.  RSCC Wire & Cable, Exane business unit, is among these companies whom will provide free consultation to assist your understanding of the standards that apply for your equipment’s installation requirements.

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