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RSCC Down Hole Metal Clad Introduces Perma-TEC High Performance Cables

Posted by R-SCC on Sep 1, 2014 12:41:00 PM

East Granby, Connecticut - RSCC Wire & Cable, Downhole Metal Clad Segment, announces its new Perma-TEC (R) family of high performance cable products for the oil and gas industry used in both offshore and land based downhole well completions to control and monitor well performance.

For all Perma-TEC ® cables, RSCC proprietary technology enables precise welding of the cable armoring which can be offered in metals including 316L, I-825, and I-625.

Standard-TEC ® cables are manufactured for operating temperature ratings from 150 degrees C up to 300 degrees C for severe well conditions or for more benign applications.   The cable armor’s compressive force prevents the core from snapping due to excessive movement and can be offered in single and multi-conductor configurations.

Pressure-TEC ™ cables add an extra layer of protection by enabling the armoring weld to be verified through an internal pressure test which reduces the risk of premature failure from a weld defect.   This cable is commercially available at 150 degrees C pressure testable, future offering for 200 degree C operating conditions will be available later this year.   Unlike earlier foamed cables, Pressure-TEC ™ is designed to yield a centralized conductor that aids in termination of the cables and allows for automatic removal of the filler layer, if necessary.   Compared to standard roll reduced constructions, RSCC’s proprietary manufacturing process creates a superior bond force between the armor tube and filler layer.

Digi-TEC ® cabling is available as multi-fiber or a fiber-electric hybrid capable of providing digital and analog readings of well conditions such as pressure and temperature. Digi-TEC® products are offered in a full range of jacket encapsulations from 150C - 300C.

Flat-TEC® cables eliminate the need for multiple cables and can be used to perform multiple operations using RSCC Standard-TEC®, Pressure-TEC™, and Digi-TEC® products. Flat-TEC® cables can be configured with up to six different parts in one single cable that can incorporate strength members, pressure tubing, and Perma-TEC® products all within a single cable.  Products are available in a full range of encapsulations from 150C - 300C, and in a broad array of sizes for flat-packs having two to six components.