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RSCC’s Safety-TEC ™ Cables Provide Enhanced Safety for Downhole Cable Installers in the Field

Posted by R-SCC on Sep 1, 2015 12:35:00 PM

RSCC Wire & Cable, Downhole Metal Clad business segment, East Granby, Connecticut, introduced its new Safety-TEC ™ cables to ensure safe stripping of tube encapsulated (TEC) cable jackets when installing permanent down-hole cable (PDC) in oil and gas drilling applications.

Drilling equipment engineers who are installing cables in the field are able to use a ripcord that allows the safe removal of the jacket without the use of a knife.   Whether the jacket is stripped by hand or with the assistance of a stripping tool, RSCC designed Safety-TEC ™ cables to be easy to strip without compromising the integrity of the materials specified for the encapsulating jacket.  Cable jacketing materials are available for 150C and 200C versions depending on operating temperature requirements.

The Safety-TEC ™ cable stripping design can be integrated into any of RSCC’s PermaTEC ® product offerings including StandardTEC ®, PressureTEC ®, or DigiTEC ®.  These TEC cables are manufactured with materials that can meet a wide range of performance specifications including copper or plated conductors (tin and nickel); low or high temperature insulations (polypropylene or fluoropolymer); stainless or nickel alloy armor; and a full range of low or high performance encapsulations (polypropylene, fluoropolymers, or high performance elastomers).

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