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What Are the Shortcomings of Fire Proof Wrap Systems for Petrochemical Processing Facilities?  Fire Rated Critical Circuit Cables versus Fire Proof Wrap Systems

Posted by Mike Betts E Gagnon on Jul 12, 2017 9:46:34 PM

Engineering firms involved in specifying critical circuit and fire safety electrical systems recognize that the initial Cable Tray for Fire Proof Wrap article.jpgmaterals costs to install a fire proof wrap system  are less than installing a high performing fire rated cable sytem .   However, engineers should consider the significant long term costs and maintenance headaches associated with these types of fire proof wrap installation systems.

Though the up front cost of purchasing a high quality fire rated cable system can be higher up front, petrochemical facilities wil not have to incur the following:
1- Higher labor costs due to the time and complexity of the installation
2 - Long term susceptibily to external elements includiong weather, rodents, moisture and algal growth.
3 - Expensive long term maintenance costs to install replacement or additional cables withing the fire wrap system.

Downloadable below, the RCC White Paper - Fire Wrapped Systems as an Alternative for Cricial Curciut Cables: is this the best suited fire protection Solution for Petrochemical Facilities?"  addresses these shortcomings and cites documented evidence from qualified industry sources

Download White Paper

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