Transit Cable Offerings

RSCC provides a vast collection of high performing cables that deliver in most demanding applications found in the transit industry. RSCC offers a range of products from industry leading brands like VITALink®, Firewall®, HUB-Link® and Exane®. These cables support circuits in installations commonly found in the transit infrastructure industry, as well as in rolling stock applications.

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VITALink® offers a variety of products that perform in power applications for systems in the transit industry. VITALink® cables are engineered with top quality components and tested to ensure they meet the industry’s key performance and safety standards. These cables are constructed to withstand an array of environmental hazards commonly found in transit systems. VITALink’s® durability and reliability make these cables a sought-after commodity in the transit industry. To learn more about the VITALink® family of products and their capabilities, visit our product catalog.

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Firewall® provides a range of cabling products engineered for use in applications in railroads and transit systems. Firewall® cables are constructed with an emphasis on durability and reliability so they can perform in the demanding environments commonly found in transit locations. These cables support key tasks in transit infrastructure systems such as power and lighting, signal, and instrumentation functions. Firewall® cables are designed with critical safety features including low smoke zero halogen and fire resistive properties. For more information about our range of Firewall® cables, visit our transit product catalog.

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HUB-Link® provides an array of cables for telecommunications, data communications, and signal applications. These cables supply the medium to transmit analog and digital data at low voltage power to support various telephone circuits and general communication services throughout the transit infrastructure, as well as other outside and tunnel applications. Cables are available rated to 150V, 300V, 600V, 1KV, and 2KV.

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Exane® offers an extensive line of products for use in a variety of important applications in transit and locomotive systems. The wide variety of products included in the Exane® family ensures that there is a solution available for operational needs ranging from power applications to train car applications. Exane® cables are carefully designed to be durable and to perform at a high level so they can excel in transit systems for an extended period of time. Every Exane® cable is constructed to resist an array of potential hazards and tested to all the relevant industry performance standards. To learn more about the Exane® product line, visit our transit industry product catalog.

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